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ALT. CODE - WORKS ON FORUMS Disclaimer: don't take this stuff seriously. That SHOULD go without saying, since fortune telling is bullshit. Along with astrology, psychics, ESP, religion....etc...
Bigfoot is real though. And great in bed. You know what they say about a mythical monster with big feet.......

If it doesn't work properly, it's probably because your browser is a piece of shit. Using Internet Explorer? definitely a piece of shit. Use something else, anything else; I recommend Mozilla Firefox. If it doesn't work on forums or certain websites, it's probably because that website is a peice of shit, and supports little or no HTML code, or screws up some or all of it.

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FAQ, etc.:
Q: Why does the cat have 6 legs?
A: Because he lost a few in 'Nam.

Q: Is your cat/website spyware?
A: NO. In fact, I moved to a new host, so If you see advertising at all, please go to the new site.

Q: How many fortunes are there?
A: Right now;

Q: Can I see all the fortunes?
A: Sure, I guess...but it's funner to 'get' them randomly. (here they are)

Q: Do you have more neat stuff?
A: I dunno, do I? Check out the rest of the site

Q: The cat says such sarcastic, mean things. Does it hate me?
A: No. The cat doesn't hate...the cat loves everybody. except for you; the cat hates you.

Q: Dude, who made this anyway? Who wrote all the fortunes?
A: Me. Me.

Q: Why did you make this?
A: To share the gift of cynicism?
As an outlet for my loathing of all things?
To amuse some, confuse others, and piss off a few?
A cheap gimmick to bring in hits?
The world, may never know.....

Q: Hey! I take offense to _______

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