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You will be deeply offended by what someone says...... That's life. Kiss my ass.
Today you will die....a cat related death. better watch your back. MROW!!!
You'll get some tonight. how the fuck YOU managed that, I don't know....
A new opportunity will present itself. Don't worry, you'll blow it again, for sure. Way to go, asshole.
Confucius say 'Be kind to others, at it will be returned to you 10 fold.... just kidding; they'll walk all over you. people suck ass'
Happy Birthday! Blow out the candles and make a wish! and remember, it doesn't matter. wishes are bullshit.
Did you know that the Bible is 30% more absorbent than Charmin? Quite a feat, since one comes already full of shit
Stop kidding yourself; It's because you're so goddamn ugly.
I KNOW you're not getting any. Have you considered that god's trying to phase your line out?
Keep masturbating; I fucking hate kittens.
Strive to reveal to others your inner beauty. but in the meantime, it wouldn't hurt to show off the goods.
Remember: fortune telling is bullshit
Buddy, I'm the only pussy you're getting for a LOOOOOONG time
Your team will lose. That's what you get for beleiving in anything
You'll win the lottery ....then blow it all on booze. Dumbass
Opportunity will knock ...or maybe it's a hungry grizzly bar..... Ma!, git mah gun!
In the future, I see adventure and excitement ......just not for you
Soon, you will make a new friend. His name is Jack. Jack Daniels. He will become your best and only friend
You have a strong, noble and interesting character.....wait... ...wrong person. Uh, next?
the world is a vampire.... but you're not. turn off that Cure CD, stop smoking cloves, and stay away from Hot Topic
Ancient chinese wisdom say: 'repay a good turn with another good turn. Repay an injury.... with an icepick'
You will find true happiness in this life....or maybe the next one or the one after that.....
The world is my litterbox your couch for example. sorry 'bout that...
Fortune is smiling on you. Or maybe that's death, I forget
I see good things in the future. For other people.
Soon you will be sitting on top of the world. ...When we launch you into the sun
The current week will bring you much happiness. Enjoy it. it's all downhill afterwards
A 6-legged cat will defecate on your face while you're sleeping. and laugh and laugh and laaauugh...
Try something different You'll like the results. It'll liven up your pathetic life
You are talented in many ways. Like breathing, eating, and crapping. That's about it
You will be showered with good luck. ...I'm glad to hear needed a shower, beleive me
Your present plans are going to succeed. I meant fail.
Respect your elders ...I heard they're loaded and currently writing up their will
Crime doesn't pay ...unless it's called 'politics'
You will receive a letter of great importance...but what's that mysterious powder...?
You feel a sense of calm setting in.... WRONG! The end is nigh! In fact, it's next Tuesday. Better get 1,000,000 sunblock
Success cannot be measured in material goods. ....or at all. Everybody sucks
Who needs The Matrix when you have this artificial world.
Be honest and authentic and you will fail at life
If at first you don't succeed ...take the fucking hint
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice.... ....I'll get you, bitch.
I predict much career success a point. Don't bump your head on that glass ceiling
Good news will come from afar the form of bombs. on your front lawn. You're being liberated! God Bless America
I predict excellent health. For a while. Then, you'll get Ebola. and herpes and have 3 heart attacks.
You'll soon meet the love of your life. Just kidding. There's no-one out there for you. You'll die alone, and rats will eat you
You will make a profitable investment. about 3 kilos worth ...just don't get caught
A suprise treat awaits you. ...Suprise! it IS herpes after all
Live in the now, ...and savor the hardships you brought upon yourself by not planning ahead. dumbfuck
Today will be joyous unlike tomorrow and the next day and the next decade
You will make a wise business deal. and then a stupid one. and live in the gutter for the rest of your life
You have a natural charisma that draws many to you. or could it be your fine rack?
The grass is always greener on the other side. On your side, however, it will always be brown and trampled and covered in dog crap
Don't fret: things will look better with time. or with alcohol
You spread joy and laughter everywhere you go. uh...they're laughing WITH you, I promise.....
Today you will narrowly escape a grizzly death. only to meet another one. lucky you. as they say 'out of the frying pan, into the grill of that truck'
Did you know that the Bible is 30% more absorbent than Charmin? So is your country's flag. try it out sometime
Always have confidence in yourself. YOU have no reason to, but people buy that shit
Love isn't a battlefield, it's a farm, because men are pigs and women are bitches
Good things come to those who wait. But first they come to those who get off their ass and just take it. carpe-motherfucking-diem
All life is suffering, punctuated by brief moments of happiness. I predict yours will be no different. Actually, it will be worse. HA HA!
None of your dreams Will ever come true. ...Especially that one with the truck full of cheerleaders. Seriously, what the hell were you thinking?
Don't just get mad, and don't just get even Get Super Duper Even! An eye, liver, spleen, and two limbs for an eye

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