Praise for the cat thing...sorta...

Sept 4th, 2004

collected from here and here

"I want to make octopus children with the cats leg, the one 2nd to the left.Yeh."


"i love the fortune cat!!!"

"Dude, your cat is evil. And that's why I fucking love him! Keep up the good work!"

"I love it! I love your cat! He's so funny! and fortune telling is bullshit!!"

"Very cute.. ;)"

"it was funny as shit until the bible comment. you talk about religon like that and it crosses the line from funny to distastful."

"The Bible comment is the one I pasted on my LJ. Fantastic! Keep up the good work.
The first really funny, witty meme thing I've come across."

"you should go into viral marketing, dude. nice work. :)"

"WHEEEEEEEE! no really, your cat comes through my friends list all the time. It's always great fun and good for a smile. :D
Good job!!!"

"I think your cat-thing is delightful - that it tells fortunes is an added bonus. Prescient freaks unite!"

"this thing fucking rocks. keep adding more awful shit to it!"

"It warms my heart to see something so brilliant and funny and potentially offensive. Good job."

"Rockin'. :)"

"I'm groovin' with the cat thing man ^_^ Octopus kitty will take over the world! *mauhahahaha*"

"The cat thing is great!!
i needed a laugh today, thanks!!!"

"Thank you! So funny, brightened my day...and my LJ."

"wooo! Everyone loves the freaky pussy.... umm I mean NICE CAT!

"That cat bitch is totally frontin'"

"Woo Yay! Just found The Cat by total accident, he rules! (It is a he isn't it?)

"hahahaha... i love your sense of humor! just wanted to let you know how great your cat is. yay for being morbid and cynical and loathing human life!
keep up the good work!"

"Your cat thing rocks!"

"haha best cat ever!"

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