The Sims 2

Sept. 20th, 2004

So the nuts in my family decided to buy The Sims 2....because they appearantly MUST own every weird computer game known to man. So I hijacked it and played it a bit, and took lots of screenshots. Because the only fun part is doing twisted shit and sharing it :D Of course I made a family with a naked chick and some goth kids. because if I didn't it wouldn't be very Billy of me now would it? :)

Here's my first family, an adult with 5 happy kids......

.....named the "gonnadie" family. Who I immediately proceeded to BURN. Once they were all dead I got bored of them :P...

So here's Nakedchick, Gothina, and Whineygothboy

...who thinks he's a vampire

and that he's in the Matrix

Hm....maybe he is a vampire afterall...

She's a very sad and angry girl. Oh woe is me...

..I guess I'll just lay down in the road and end it all

Just your normal, casual morning routine. Eating cereal and checking out some girl in the bath

What, what's wrong with that?

Fine, bitch, I'll drown you!

they started a fire and a fireman came. I drowned his ass too.

...and kept his fire truck. It stayed there for days so I guess I get to keep it!

pin-up calendar photo

When your sims don't get enough social contact they go a little crazy and start seeing things, like this big scary bunny. What the fuck is this, Donnie Darko?

...So I kicked its ass

and totally won

and made it cry. HAHAHAHA!

Oh yeah, btw, I kept the fireman too. and made him into a decoration

I adopted a baby...*evil grin*....Oh! so THAT'S where I left it!

I really don't like babies. And, I'm hungry........

I don't know why she's bottle feeding it when she has PERFECTLY GOOD BOOBS RIGHT THERE!

Time to drown it like they do in China!

"What? Drowning babies without me!?"

You know what else is good to do with babies? Stapling them to the wall!

Mmm...time for Baby-Q

Seriously, you don't know how thrilled I was when I found out they let you put it on the grill!! baby, fresh off the grill!

and I don't know WHY I adopted another one

And I was freaked the hell out when I found it was that girl I burned earlier (scroll up). Her name was "gonnafry"

Ewwwww....don't like you one bit.

So it's time to burn you! Guess we should call you "gonnafryagain"

I wonder what she's thinking? I bet it starts with "please don't grill me!"

I didn't think it would work.....

but eventually she caught fire! HAHAHA!

so of course I took LOTS of pictures

Gonnafry's funeral...Ha, like THEY care!

but there's still the problem of that baby.......I just couldn't get it to catch fire

So I ordered up another kid. because they catch fire easier it seems....and then hopefully it would spread from him to the baby

Oh, you don't like me? That's alright you won't be around for long. You're sort of like lighter fluid for the baby........

stick 'im on the grill. but that didn't work either. and now I was stuck with him too. .....

so I drowned his ass!

goth girl in the road


"Hahaha, that was some funnnnnnny shit"

My last family before I got sick of it. Some assorted people, lesbians, and 2 flavors of Satan....who were gay lovers, of course.

Oh, NOW I remember why I play this game

more lesbian action. btw, that's catwoman, and that schoolgirl chick from Kill Bill. She's the hottest jailbaitiest fictional girl around

2 girls + hot tub. You do the math

But who can do math at a time like this ;)

Man, that was better than shooting pedestrians and running over old people in True Crime or GTA

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