Chapter 4 - Dinos!

A bunch of dinosaurs were wandering around eating and crapping and all that other stuff dinosaurs do, when, suddenly, they got really scared and started running around. The reason was that a weird time vortex had opened in the sky and it threw out two Swat Kats.

The skinny one landed first, and Turbo was thrown on top of him.

"AHHHH GET OFF OF ME YOU FAT FUCK!", the skinny one yelled, his back screaming with pain.

"Oh, sorry" Turbo said, and rolled his fat ass off him.

The two Swat Kats sat up and looked around and realized where they were: they were really, really, really, hecka far in the past.

The expression on the skinny one's face changed from interest to anger. "OH fuckitty fucking fuck fuck sandwich, with a side of fuckslaw and a 44oz fuck-a-cola!!!!"

He started yelling and hitting things,"Now we'll never get home!!!"

He threw his tantrum for a while and finally he was tired. He laid down, panting. Turbo looked at him, shrugged, and jumped on him, and started kissing him.

The skinny one pushed him off as hard as he could. "Has the fat gone to your brain? What do you think you're doing?"

"I love you, the skinny one. Let's make the best of it, since we're stuck here anyway", Turbo replied

"I'm sorry Turbo, but my heart belongs to Mrs. Whats-her-name"

Suddenly, a big hole opened in the ground and sucked up both the Swat Kats. They fell and fell and fell screaming "ahhhhhh we're falling!"


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