Chapter 2: The aliens!

When the skinny one was finally thrust out of the time vortex, he found himself thrust outside on the pavement of the street of MegaKat City. Being thrust to the ground knocked him unconscious, and it knocked him out for a while. When he came to, he couldn't remember a thing and wondered how he'd got there.

"What the hell? How'd I get here? I can't remember a thing", he said aloud, angry, disoriented, confused, perplexed, and befuddled.

He scanned his surroundings and nearly jumped in shock when he saw it - Turbo's body with the head exploded off!

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!! TURBO!!!!!!!!!!" But he knew his cries meant nothing, there was nothing that could be done for him now. Resigning himself to the truth that his best friend was dead, he thought that at least he should get a proper burial, and was about to pick up the body when....

Suddenly! And, out of nowhere!!! Aliens!

In mere moments the sky was filled with an armada of alien ships, that began firing on the city. Laser beams and high tech alien bombs rained from the sky, drenching the city in fire. A huge green bolt zapped turbo's corpse, instantly disintegrating it into nothing.

The skinny one ran for his life!!

All kinds of alien laser bolts were shooting all over the place, setting anything and everything on fire, destroying everything in their path. He ducked and dodged them, narrowly escaping, bolts of energy whizzing all around and sometimes just grazing him.

"The fuckin' city is being destroyed! I have to help them, I'm a SWAT KAT!" he said to himself, determined, and made for the base. But, the aliens would have none of this, because just then, the aliens began beaming themselves down, and within seconds, the streets were filled with them. They were 10 foot tall bipedal creatures, with slender, nearly featureless bodies, bulbous gray heads, and deep black bug-eyes. In each of their four hands they had a ray gun.

The skinny one has steaming angry from all his misfortune. He couldn't contain it any longer, and channeling all his energy into his clenched first, punched an alien full on in the face, the impact literally tearing through its skull, his fist exiting the back of its head. He stole two laser guns from the dead alien.

He was in a rage now, and ran rampaging through the streets, shooting wildly at anything that moved, aliens dropping dead left and right as he let the bullets fly.

Suddenly! He was beamed up!

He found himself inside one of the alien motherships, surrounded by angry aliens. They had no mouths, but could communicate through telepathy. He learned this when they bombarded his mind with images of their dead comrades. They were PISSED.

The circle of aliens closed in on him, and were just about to do god-knows-what, when...

Suddenly! The-guy-with-the-watch appeared out of nowhere, killed all the aliens with some magic, brought Turbo back to life, and sent both of them hurtling through a weird time vortex.


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