Morons Today

May 4, 2004


Morons Today is our 'radio' program from at least 4 years ago. Starring Dan, Billy, Nathan, General Bob, and some monkeys, among others.
Storage/bandwidth limitations aside, we probably won't upload them anyway, for a number of reasons. but below are some clips

Starring. . . . .
Dan - Host
Bill - official monkey-kicker
Nathan - guy who gets attacked by monkeys

Also featuring. . . .

General Bob
Rocky the Dog
The Jaws of Life
and of course....The monkey in castlevania!

Clips. . .. .

some of these might now have been uploaded yet either, as I'm not sure what the others say about it
endcoded in Ogg Vorbis format. because the compression was MUCH better on these particular files (than MP3). and MP3 is patented; fuck that

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