Our current project is called "The Last Gunslingers". It's an overhead 2D shooter similar to "Zombies Ate My Neighbors", written in C++ using the Allegro ibrary.
We've just started work on it. so far, some graphics are done, and a little bit of code for the Map Editor.

For images, see Pixel Art

Click hereto download the map editor tool. as of yet there are only about 12 or so tiles. you can place a tile by hitting space, move around the map with the arrow keys, and hit F1 to go to the tile selection screen.
much more work needs to be done as this is the primary tool for designing the game. when complete it will be multi-layered, have save + load features, object placement (like pick-ups, switches, and the like), and other vital things this game needs.
comes with a randomized map. no save + load features yet.

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