Aha, you've found it! The main focus of our site: Computer programming, and what we've done with it. There's quite a bit of information here, as well as links to things I can't adequately cover.

So, ask yourself, what am I here for, what do I want to know? If you've never programmed before, you'll probably want to read 'getting started', which will tell you what programming's all about, what language to pick (to begin with, anyway), and so on.

For those already skilled in it, whatever your level of experience may be, just browse around the various programming info pages. There are tuts with little tips, up to comprehensive ground-up tuts on specific languages (See: BASIC, ASM).

These pages are not limited to application programming; they include web page design as well. If you wish to start with web design, see "Getting Started"

Beginner Info:
Getting Started - New programmer? Look here first
ASM Tutorial - One of the most difficult (for most people) languages out there. Recommended only for those with solid knowledge of At least one other programming language.
BASIC tutorial - An oldie but goodie. My first and favorite language, and a good choice for beginners

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