Adventures In Time

June 24, 2004

Info: Part 1 of dan's adventures with his time-traveling world-warping Delorian. Guest starring The Dandy Warhols and of course, Amber Bylard.

Language(s): QBASIC

Download: Not available


rip in the space time continum dan's world warping delorian
Dan crossing a bridge Dan, Toad, and the Dandy Warhols
John on top of Wal-Mart Colleen, Amber Bylard, and the fighting Dandy Warhols
Dan, a dino, and a nasty pile of shit Ian and Avery. and the guy from Mars Attacks as Amber's mom
Avery trying to kill Dan...and about to get shit in the face Seth and Soloman, the butt pirates, make another appearance
Dan, a Dandy Warhol, and Seth and Soloman the butt pirates ick. Jason....
Dan, Jason, Haley, and Daniel's Pokemon Thomas Pancake and the Dandy Warhols

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