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The Mystical Magical World Of Amber Bylard
Um..... It's mystical, it's magical, and it has the world famous Amber Bylard. You can't NOT visit it!

A kick-ass sacremento band. You've never heard of amber bylard OR osiffer. Geez, get on the trolly!

I hate Eddie Vedder
Don't we all

Vampire Killers Inc.

You find em', we stake em'!

Vampire Killers Inc
The only game in town for all your vampire killing needs

Some sections of the Doorknob Software site.
I didn't feel like categorizing them, so here they are:

All these CGI scripts are hand-written by us, so if you would like a custom written CGI script, please feel free to contact us. More time consuming ventures will require a small fee....
We (probably) won't host it for you, so you'll need some webspace with CGI access to store it. Our host Tripod, for example.



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